Quicker and Cheaper Protection for Registered Brands | How to Oppose a Trade Mark Application

On 1st October 2013, the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office introduced a fast track opposition procedure for trade marks.

For any owners of registered trade marks in the United Kingdom who wish to oppose anRegistered "R" | Trade mark registration application to protect a new brand because it is too similar to their own, this heralds the introduction of a procedure which is designed to allow them to object to the application via a fast track procedure and at a lower cost compared to the opposition system which has previously been in existence.

At Franklins, my team and I regularly advise businesses and individuals on both contentious and non-contentious intellectual property matters and have been extensively involved in advising clients on trade mark issues.

It is important to look at registering your trade mark(s) if you have not done so already as it represents an important outward protection of your brand and intellectual property which can contribute quite significantly to the value of your business, service or product.

If you are considering objecting to a trade mark application that conflicts with your own registration or, having made an application, have received notification that a third party plans to lodge an objection, then I would be happy to provide some expert legal assistance in respect of the trade mark opposition procedure. Please feel free to call me on 01908 660 966 or e-mail me at christopher.buck@franklins-sols.co.uk to talk to me about your issue.

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About Christopher Buck

Chris is a Commercial Services Solicitor at Franklins, specialising in contracts; dispute resolution; insolvency; intellectual property and business structures. You can connect with him on LinkedIn
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